Industry: Food & Beverages

Location: MO

Job#: 105353


Summary: The main function is to engage and inspired the R&D team. To lead and direct the senior R&D team (Talent Development) and coach and mentor them for the next steps in their career, while also directing and coordinating activities of the R&D Department, including Innovation, Product Development, Analytical, Behavior, Data Science, Customer Engagement, PARC, and Process Lab sub-departments. Provide scientific leadership, strategic direction and effective management of global scientific and technology initiatives to discover and develop companion animal palatability that improves the customer’s performance and is in support of business unit goals and profitability objectives.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Participates in strategic planning at the corporate and business unit Participates as an active member of the Executive Team and communicates well with teammates and others.
  • Leads worldwide discovery, development and production of companion animal palatability; develops an R&D program that will establish Company as a recognized world leader in
  • Develops and manages an R&D resource which provides leading edge, practically-oriented and value- added technology solutions to the company’s  product development, manufacturing  and environmental
  • Develops, communicates and implements R&D strategic plans that support the company’s long term strategic technology plans and financial Takes responsibility for change in the organization, where needed. Ensures an appropriate return on the company’s total R&D investment.
  • Designs and administers Research & Development structures, processes and policies, in line with thecompany’s long-range strategy and annual operating plans.
  • Directs and coordinates activities of Research & Development department and sub-departments to further achieve strategic financial goals and
  • Works closely with business units to provide the necessary evaluations, recommendations and support wherever science and technology impact the company’s strategic and operational decisions.
  • Works closely with customers to insure effective alignment of product development with the product needs of the Supports customer relationship development and is recognized as a creative source of ideas & solutions. Acts as a key influencer to affect customer acceptance of our products.
  • Works closely with company executives and business unit managers in the selection and prioritization of R&D projects and ensures that projects are well planned and conducted in a timely, efficient and scientifically-sound
  • Ensures that products emerging from the pipeline are customer-focused and producible within the company’s standards of quality and profitability.
  • Identifies new products and technological opportunities with potential application to our
  • Initiates, facilitates and participates in the exchange of technology and
  • Coordinates technology initiatives and projects with universities, government agencies, alliance partners and suppliers in support of strategic company Provides the organizational leadership to recruit outstanding professionals to the company and to manage an organization recognized for its creativity, solutions-oriented mentality and results.
  • Develops and supports a communications network that ensures proper exchange of proprietary information both within and outside the
  • Ensures compliance with safety
  • Prepares annual budgets to support strategic plans and manages expenses within approved Makes decisions/recommendations concerning major expenditures or investments.


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