Process Engineering Manager

Industry: Food & Beverages

Location: MO

Job#: 105526


Summary: Directs and coordinates process engineering and related activities at the plant level and manage the operations of the process development lab and associated personnel to complete scale up activities, customer directed trials and product/process optimizations. Additional duties to include process engineering support to organizations’ worldwide operations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Complete engineering assessments of new products or business opportunities including preliminary design, capital requirements and operational
  • Support customer needs by providing technical assistance in the design and operation of palatant handling
  • Provide engineering support to the organization’s international and joint venture including but not limited to equipment specification/selection, process flow and overall specification.
  • Provide engineering evaluations for new products and technologies including but not limited to; mass & energy balances, capital cost estimates, operation cost estimates, process modeling and overall facility
  • Designs and supervises tests in the process development lab to support the requirements of R&D scientists, Supply Chain and external This duty will include planning, team member identification and execution.
  • Lead process improvement efforts utilizing cross functional teams to optimize and enhance process
  • Develops, writes and presents reports and documentation to various internal and external individuals to gain market advantage, maintain regulatory compliance, and meet internal
  • Maintains a safe working environment through training, equipment and work modifications, and informational follow up with Process Development Lab
  • Generates ideas and suggestions in support of new product development and application teams within the Research & Development
  • Develops plans for project or studies guidelines for project developed by department scientists to understand commercial potential and
  • Provide project planning including scheduling, team requirements and required resources so that projects meet defined objectives
  • Provide overall management of Process Development Lab
  • Manage LRC building support activities including preventative maintenance and service contracts and business directed expansion or
  • Interface with others in the organization to ensure customer deadlines are
  • Set up sample collection and inspection procedures to ensure that the quality parameters are met and development goals are
  • Implement projects or procedural changes to ensure efficiency of process lab
  • Manage procedures so that LRC batch records are
  • Approve necessary purchases for required materials and services to support operations in the Process Development Lab.
  • Review, modify and implement processes and processing instructions, which engineer product quality and efficiency into manufacturing systems.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Manage Process Engineers and process lab personnel according to established company policies including the following: Interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, motivation, required discipline, assigning and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

Education and/or Experience:

Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemical Engineering or related field. Ten or more years related engineering experience in a food manufacturing or processing environment and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Demonstrated ability to drive and execute process improvement and project execution.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Knowledge of safety practices applicable to food research laboratory environments and ability to follow designated safety
  • Ability to maintain accurate records relating to jobs as they are planned performed and Skill to use electronic means for recording data.
  • Demonstrated understanding of food manufacturing systems and the related processes including but not limited to; meat grinding, canning, extrusion, spray drying, reactor design & concepts and dry blend equipment.

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