Markets and Industries

Aerospace/Defense Aerospace/Defense Cemented Carbide Components, Robotics, Digging Equipment, Space Flight equipment, Spacecraft Systems, Satellite Mechanisms, Geotechnical, Excavation and exploration
Automotive Automotive Actuation Systems, Emission Solutions, Automotive Electronics, GPS Tracking
Biotechnology/Life Science Biotechnology/Life Science Genomics, Mass Spectrometry, Purification systems, Filtration, Bioanalytical Measurement Solutions, Reagents, Product Realization
Consumer Goods Consumer Goods Electronics, Appliance, Coffee Makers
Electronics Electronics Test & Measurement, Calibrators, Multi-Meters, Monitoring Solutions, Gas Detectors
Enviromental Enviromental Water, Energy, Wastewater Treatment, Water Management, Environmental Policy, Engineering Services and Support, Monitoring and Control Systems
Food & Beverages Food & Beverages Pet & Human Ingredients, Palatability, Analytical Instrumentation, Food Safety, Toxicology, Hygienic Instrumentation, Liquid Level, Flow, Pressure Sensors
Industrial Automation Industrial Automation Sensors & Controls, Motion Control, Condition Based Monitoring, Proximity Switches, Fluid Systems, Solenoid Valves, Transducers, Encoders, Robotics, Servo Motors, Drives & Amplifiers
IT Technology Solutions IT Technology Solutions Fleet Management, Distribution Systems, Warehouse Management System, SaaS for Manufacturing, Cloud Migration
Material Handling/Warehousing Material Handling/Warehousing Supply Chain Optimization, Conveyor Systems, Palletizing Systems, Robotic Systems, Sortation Systems, Storage Systems, Inventory Control Systems, Automated Guided Vehicle
Manufacturing Manufacturing Metal & Mining, Tooling, Foundry, Materials & Compounds, Metallurgy, Water Treatment , Water Analysis, Agriculture Equipment OEM, Electro-Mechanical
Medical Devices Medical Devices Dental Equipment, Medical Device OEMS
Oil & Energy Oil & Energy Fault Recorders, Power Transducers, Fuel Dispensers, Petroleum Equipment, Submersible Pumps, Tanks Gauging Systems
Packaging and Containers Packaging and Containers Printing, Labels, Colorants, Flexible Packaging
Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical Animal Health, Human Pharma, Biopharma
Printing/Product Identification Printing/Product Identification Laser & Engraving, Ink Jet, Coding Systems , Color Management, Print Process Control, Imaging Sciences, Track & Trace, Packaging Management Software
Semiconductors Semiconductors Film Process Equipment, Nondestructive Inspection, Wafer Inspection, Package Inspection, Industrial Inspection
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