Vanmark Corporation

Just a quick note to 'Thank You' and your staff for the assistance you have provided over the past few years. It seems that our needs for 'people help' come in starts and stops, and that is why your help has been so valuable to us. It has become a 'pass word' to just call Susan or Grapevine when our needs happen. In a small manufacturing company to be able to just call Susan or her staff, and get the help needed is very important. This arrangement also allows us to get acquainted with each individual as they work with us, and yet not make any commitment until we are sure they will work to their benefit and ours for a permanent job. When we need someone it is so nice to be able to make the call and Grapevine Staffing will screen the applicants and send the one that fits our needs... saves us lots of time. Again, thanks a lot to you and your staff...

VP Human Resources

PowerTeam Services, LLC

Resourceful, responsive, reliable, and client focused, Grapevine delivered many top caliber candidates for difficult roles to fill. It was a pleasure having her on our team!

Human Resource Director

Bunn O Matic

Mr. S is doing very well for us at Bunn. He has been the leader of several large projects and is very organized and gets the work done on time. He has a quiet demeanor that enables him to work well with others. He is very safety conscientious and wants to make a difference in his work. Thank you for your great staffing capabilities!

Lead Engineer

Haier America

Grapevine does a great job in matching the candidate's background and qualifications to the open job position. They have filled one position for me, and we are extremely satisfied with the individual they found for us!

Eric, Manufacturing Manager

Thank you for being so diligent and professional regarding my requests. It is refreshing to have someone respond to my inquiries and work with me the way you have...

HR Manager

Michael Foods

Susan and her team have done a wonderful job locating qualified candidates for Michael Foods. They were able to fill our Production Manager position in no time at all with a candidate who has exceeded our expectations. I never have to guess where we are in the process and I never doubt the candidates they send to us. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to our company, I am excited to be able to work with you and look forward to building a lasting relationship!

Marketing Manager


Susan is by far the best talent agent in the industry. She is capable of locating candidates with extremely specific expertise at astonishing speed. Susan's approach is thorough, and she has never provided a candidate who she did not vet or feel confident in their abilities. Over the years, I have consistently seen Susan at conferences and trade shows, where she was learning more about the industries of her clients in order to better evaluate and capture candidates. All of my top performers were recruited directly by Susan. If I am looking for top performing talent, Susan is the only person I call.


Howard J. (Manufacturing Manager)

It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person! I can tell you're a warm, genuine, kind-hearted person. I appreciate your time and the interview opportunity. I'm excited and optimistic about the outcome but no matter what the company decides, I'm appreciative of the opportunity you created for me. Thank you again for giving me so many opportunities to review. Have a fabulous day!

Anonymous (Procurement)

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mrs. Susan Dunphy and her recruiting team. During my time at Sauer-Danfoss, Ames, Iowa, - 2005 until 2007, Mrs. Dunphy supported the search, selection and presentation for candidates, mostly engineers and other technical experts. Mrs. Dunphy was very personable, followed each recruitment task with high integrity and was very creative . … she managed to scout and recruit an engineer from New York City for a position in Ames, Iowa and she did this in an excellent way – she was a wonderful ambassador for Iowa.

Patti - Brand Manager

I hope you know how much I have appreciated you representing me. You are very good at your job at it is a pleasure working with you.


Grapevine very professionally handled my case throughout the entire hiring process. Effective and accurate communication resulted in a job offer. My personal experience with majority of staffing companies and their representatives I worked with is stay away from them. That is not the situation in this case thanks to my personal recruiter at Grapevine. 100% positive feedback.


Thanks, and now I know EXACTLY why Dennis said that you ARE THE BEST! :) You don't find great recruiters like you! Thanks for your personal assistance .

John (Engineering)

Grapevine got me the job I have today! We worked together to make sure that my current position was a great fit, not just for me, but for the Company as well. Grapevine was always available to answer my questions, and helped me know what to expect in the interview process so that I could be properly prepared. I would highly recommend Grapevine. They give you to tools for success to land a career.

Anonymous (Finance)

Thank you for placing me in this role. Six month later, everything is still going fine. “AV” is a great company and most of my work is what I expected. I am pretty satisfied. I don't think I would need a job in the near future and see me being here long term thanks to this placement. If I hear somebody is looking for a job I will definitely refer them to you.


Susan Dunphy has tremendous follow up along with time and attention to detail. It speaks volumes that both you and Danaher are partnering together to nurture your network.